Shanghai Huaigong Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of electromagnetic chuck equipment in East China. The company integrates electromagnetic chuck scientific research, electromagnetic chuck development, electromagnetic chuck production, electromagnetic chuck sales, and electromagnetic chuck after-sales service.

  The main products of Huaigong Electromagnetic include: electromagnetic chuck, permanent magnet chuck, electric permanent magnet chuck, lifting electromagnet, demagnetizer, demagnetizer, permanent magnet jack, high temperature electromagnetic chuck, iron remover, etc. The product variety is perfect, which can meet the needs of different customers. The company has a domestic modern electromagnetic chuck production plant, equipment and standardized office space.

       Huaigong company has 118 employees, including 45 professional technicians. It hires senior magnetic technology experts in the industry as our company's long-term consultants, and cooperates with several famous domestic colleges and universities for product development; fully automated testing equipment and perfect quality Management system to ensure product quality; reasonable layout of overseas offices to ensure that they arrive at the scene as soon as possible to deal with customer problems and customer demands.

Magnetic device
Welcome to the official website of Huaigong Electromagnetic Equipment, the service hotline of magnetic device: +86 18017258883.