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High temperature electromagnetic chuck has been approved by Baotai
Aluminum liquid electromagnetic iron remover, aluminum liquid iron absorber, electromagnetic aluminum liquid iron remover. Thanks to Jiangxi Baotai for ordering a set of high temperature electromagnetic chuck from Huaigong electromagnetic chuck manufacturer in May 2021. Thank you for the trust of Baotai Group. We will strictly produce it at the high temperature electromagnetic chuck factory.
Shijiazhuang China Railway Bureau uses electric permanent magnetic chuck to transport I-beam
Shijiazhuang China Railway Bureau uses permanent magnet chuck
Electro-permanent magnetic chuck: Electro-permanent magnetic chuck refers to a chuck that relies on permanent magnetic steel to generate suction, and uses an excitation coil to control the suction of the magnetic steel to act as a suction switch.
Advantages: high precision, no thermal deformation, energy saving, Shanghai Huaigong Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. carefully manufactures permanent magnet chuck for you
Please trust your agent for suction cup solenoid
Automated distribution production line, sorting machine, manipulator, laboratory equipment, medical treatment, grinding, cutting, cutting and other automated processing production. Our company has many specifications, and the suction cup type electromagnet is one of them.
Automatic running water demagnetizer for Wenzhou Shenyi Shaft Industry-Demagnetizer
Product performance: A device for degaussing remanence on magnetic objects is called a degausser. There are three types of degaussing methods: permanent magnet, DC and AC. The degausser of the broadcasting system is mainly used to eliminate the recorded program signal on the audio tape and the remanence on the recording equipment, related accessories and tools. Demagnetizer, demagnetizer, Shanghai Huaigong Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd., focus on smart manufacturing for you!
Round electric permanent magnetic chuck helps Zhejiang Laifu Mould
Huaigong Electromagnetic specializes in the production of electric permanent magnetic chuck, powerful electric permanent magnetic chuck, and circular electric permanent magnetic chuck.
   On June 29, 2016, Manager Chen of Huaigong Electromagnetic Company led several leading experts and scholars from Shanghai Electric to Zhejiang Laifu Mould to visit the circular electro-permanent magnetic chuck (Thanks to Laifu Mould President Pan for his hospitality);
Lifting suction cup manufacturer and Tiju Aim reached a forklift lifting electromagnet cooperation
Huaigong lifting suction cup manufacturer then sent sales manager Pan to visit Shanghai Tijueam Forklift Co., Ltd. for long-term matching with your company, and explained the advantages of lifting electromagnets on forklifts for Shanghai Tijueam forklifts. What type of customers currently need lifting electromagnets on forklifts!
Lifting Electromagnet Sucker Factory and Shanghai Baojie reached in-depth cooperation on lifting solenoids
The lifting electromagnet produced by Huaigong Lifting Electromagnet Suction Cup Factory has been widely recognized by the market. The quality of the lifting electromagnet is the result of the customer's use and summary.
   Lifting Electromagnet Suction Cup Factory has a wide range of lifting electromagnet product series. It is said that lifting electromagnets are used for terminal hoisting. Lifting electromagnet application cases in Shanghai are mainly in Pudong New Area, Jiading District, Baoshan District, Qingpu and other places. As long as you are close to the waste recycling station of the wharf, you can always see the electromagnet produced by the Huaigong Lifting Electromagnet Suction Cup Factory. product.
Shanghai Shimai clamps seven layers of glass for Huaigong electromagnetic electric permanent magnet chuck for one-time cutting testimony
Which electric permanent magnet chuck is better? As a testimony of Huaigong, Shanghai Shimai has provided us with many years of supply of electric permanent magnetic chuck. The manufacturer of Huaigong electric permanent magnetic chuck clamps our products on the seven-layer glass through magnetic force, and the electric permanent magnetic chuck cuts at one time. ,Perfect! This year, Shanghai Shimai became associated with Shenzhen Foxconn at the exhibition and signed a contract with 8 sets of electric permanent magnetic suction cup equipment. The electrical permanent magnet chuck manufacturer, which is the supplier of Shanghai Shimai, expressed his gratitude for his achievements.
Jinan Jinan Steel Pipe Packing Electromechanical Permanent Magnetic Suction Cup
Thanks to Chen, the automatic equipment manufacturer of Tianjin Steel Pipe, for cooperating for many years to introduce the company's electric permanent magnetic chuck for steel pipe and electric permanent magnetic chuck for round pipe into Jigang. Huaigong has provided us with many years of supply of electric permanent magnetic chuck, Huaigong electric permanent magnetic chuck The manufacturer uses magnetic force to pack our products and clamps the steel pipes, and the electric permanent magnetic chuck can be transported at one time, perfect! This year, the Tianjin Steel Pipe Baler manufacturer signed a contract with 8 sets of permanent magnet chuck equipment in Argentina. Huai Gong, a manufacturer of permanent magnet chuck in Tianjin, expressed his gratitude.
Frozen sucker for five-axis precision machining Kunshan Xuzheng signed a contract successfully
Where is the frozen sucker? Kunshan Xuzheng is witnessing for Huaigong. Huaigong signed a supply contract on October 14, 2020. Huaigong frozen suction cup manufacturers instantly freeze and clamp our products through refrigeration and freezing. The five-axis frozen suction cup is processed at one time, perfect! Huaigong Electromagnet, a manufacturer of frozen suction cups that is the supplier of Kunshan Xuzheng, expressed his gratitude.
Hydraulic suction cups for COSCO Shipyard construction
Hydraulic electromagnetic suction cups and hydraulic suction cups are professionally produced by Shanghai Huaigong. As witnessed by Zhongshan Shipping, Huaigong signed a contract for supply on March 22, 2021. The manufacturer of Huaigong hydraulic electromagnetic suction cups drives the hydraulic generator through the hydraulic breaker oil circuit of the excavator. It is perfect for grabbing scrap iron on the excavator! Huaigong Electromagnet, a manufacturer of hydraulic chuck that is the supplier of COSCO Shipyard, expressed his gratitude.
Magnetic device
Welcome to the official website of Huaigong Electromagnetic Equipment, the service hotline of magnetic device: +86 18017258883.