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High-temperature-resistant permanent magnet iron remover for iron fishing. The surface of the permanent magnet iron remover has a heat dissipation layer and the heat dissipation layer can generate wind circulation, which can take away the surface temperature of the permanent magnet iron remover. The shell made of non-magnetic steel (stainless steel) can be stretched into the aluminum melt and stirred back and forth. The bottom of the high-temperature permanent magnet separator produces a strong magnetic field; the magnetic field can penetrate through the stainless steel protective layer, heat insulation layer, and anti-heat layer. The iron slag and ferromagnetic impurities in the molten aluminum melting furnace can be adsorbed and removed, and it can be energized to generate a magnetic field. When the power is turned off, the sucked iron parts are removed; the bottom of the electromagnet is flat, and after each use, the power off iron will fall. Some of the molten aluminum is solidified, and the molten aluminum can be removed manually with a shovel.
What should I do if the iron content in aluminum is high? Find a manufacturer of permanent magnet separators
The Jiangxi smelting aluminum plant encountered a problem: it is difficult to remove the iron in the aluminum water, and it has a major impact on the quality of aluminum, so what should I do if the iron content in the aluminum water is high, so I found the Huaigong permanent magnet iron remover to remove iron from the aluminum water The application has been widely used in the factory. High-temperature permanent magnet separators are simple in all separators, low in price, small in space, convenient in manufacturing, installation and maintenance. According to the configuration method, they can be roughly divided into two types, namely, the hanging type and the bottom fixed type. Welcome to buy and understand For more, please click on the link "" "Iron remover
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