Hydraulic suction cups for COSCO Shipyard construction

Hydraulic electromagnetic suction cups and hydraulic suction cups are professionally produced by Shanghai Huaigong. As witnessed by Zhongshan Shipping, Huaigong signed a contract for supply on March 22, 2021. The manufacturer of Huaigong hydraulic electromagnetic suction cups drives the hydraulic generator through the hydraulic breaker oil circuit of the excavator. It is perfect for grabbing scrap iron on the excavator! Huaigong Electromagnet, a manufacturer of hydraulic chuck that is the supplier of COSCO Shipyard, expressed his gratitude.

The hydraulic electromagnetic chuck has a built-in hydraulic generator and a control box, which can be used when connected to the oil pipe; the control box has a suction and release time within 1 second; the front end is equipped with bucket teeth for simple classification and excavation, but no strong impact; 220V electromagnet, The suction force is more than 3 times that of a 24V magnet.
Magnetic device
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