Frozen sucker for five-axis precision machining Kunshan Xuzheng signed a contract successfully

Frozen sucker for five-axis precision machining Kunshan Xuzheng signed a contract successfully
Where is the frozen sucker? Kunshan Xuzheng is witnessing for Huaigong. Huaigong signed a supply contract on October 14, 2020. Huaigong frozen suction cup manufacturers instantly freeze and clamp our products through refrigeration and freezing. The five-axis frozen suction cup is processed at one time, perfect! Huaigong Electromagnet, a manufacturer of frozen suction cups that is the supplier of Kunshan Xuzheng, expressed his gratitude.

 The frozen strong sucker can be applied to the processing of parts of different shapes of materials, eliminating the cumbersome steps of making specific fixtures for traditional processing. The freezing strong sucker only needs to use one workpiece surface, even the uneven surface can be fixed in time, which maximizes the processing efficiency. In addition, the parts fixed with the freezing plate are below zero during processing, and the heat generated by the processing will be released through the freezing plate in time, which invisibly reduces the loss of processing tools and can increase the yield of products.
   Freezing strong sucker can also increase the strength of some materials (green porcelain, rubber products, plastic products, etc.) during processing, thereby improving the workability of these materials and improving the processing accuracy. Different from the traditional fixture clamping, magnetic washing plate, vacuum suction cup and other fixing methods, the freezing plate uses the physical phenomenon of water, relying on compressed air to realize the transmission of water to ice, so as to fix the parts to be processed without any deformation of the workpiece. Therefore, the workpiece will not be deformed or damaged during the process of being fixed and released, and it is especially suitable for precision machining of non-metallic brittle materials and flexible materials.

Frozen plate features:
   1. Stress-free fixation
   2. The fixed strength is high and the strong magnetic chuck will not move when the workpiece is processed
  3. Ice can wrap the workpiece to reduce the undesirable phenomenon of brittle material collapse
  4. Can fix workpieces of different shapes
   5. The workpiece is processed in a low temperature environment
  6. ​​It can improve the strength of flexible materials during processing
  7. Free cutting fluid processing, energy saving and environmental protection
   8. Extend the service life of tools and grinding wheels
   9. There is no residue left after processing
  10. Quick installation, simple operation and easy to learn
Applicable materials for freezing plate (cnc processing and grinding): graphite electrode, graphite parts, ferrite (magnet material), ceramics, sapphire grinding, and processing of various non-metal brittle materials. The processing of metal materials requires additional air cooling system.
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