Lifting suction cup manufacturer and Tiju Aim reached a forklift lifting electromagnet cooperation

The manufacturer of Huaigong lifting suction cups reached an in-depth cooperation with Shanghai's well-known forklift company-Tijuem for forklift crane lifting electromagnets in 2016;
  Resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win! Industrial development is inseparable from forklifts. Lifting electromagnets for forklifts can also solve the role of cargo handling and logistics. The role cannot be underestimated!

Lifting suction cup manufacturers and Tiju Aim site test forklift lifting electromagnets
起重吸盘厂家与梯圾埃姆达成叉车起重电磁铁合 èµ·é‡å¸ç›˜åŽ‚家测试叉车起重电磁铁性能
Huaigong lifting suction cup manufacturer then sent sales manager Pan to visit Shanghai Tijueam Forklift Co., Ltd. for long-term matching with your company, and explained the advantages of lifting electromagnets on forklifts for Shanghai Tijueam forklifts. What type of customers currently need lifting electromagnets on forklifts!
   One hour of conversation passed, and finally Shanghai Tizheam Forklift Co., Ltd. and the manufacturer of Huaigong lifting suction cups reached an agreement. At the same time, our two companies use each other's platform to make progress together. Huai Gong lets electromagnetic create value!
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