Please trust your agent for suction cup solenoid

Case introduction: Please trust your agent for suction cup solenoid

Product Name: Suction Cup Iron

Application scope: automatic distribution production line, sorting machine, manipulator, laboratory equipment, medical treatment, grinding, cutting, cutting and other automated processing. Our company has many specifications, and the suction cup type electromagnet is one of them.
This is an agent in Shenzhen bought a suction-cup solenoid from the company. At the time, the telephone communication told the salesperson of our company that I wanted a large suction, a small size, a 24V power supply, and a delicate appearance. I wanted to talk to me. The customer’s manipulators will also participate in the exhibition as a complete set. If it is good, then your company will be rich.
The salesman said: Thank you, Ms. Tang, for your company’s sake. We can do what you said. A button-sized suction cup has a suction force of 15 kg. The power supply is 24V, 36V, 110V, 220V, and can be customized. If the manipulator is generally used Choose 24V.
   After a half-hour conversation with Ms. Tang, I ordered 4 sets. After participating in the exhibition, I waited until other companies approved that our company sells more than 1,000 suction cup electromagnets under the Shenzhen agent. Shanghai Huaigong Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your agent and direct sales to our customers at the same time, carefully doing everything well.
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