Shanghai Shimai clamps seven layers of glass for Huaigong electromagnetic electric permanent magnet chuck for one-time cutting testimony

Which electric permanent magnet chuck is better? As a testimony of Huaigong, Shanghai Shimai has provided us with many years of supply of electric permanent magnetic chuck. The manufacturer of Huaigong electric permanent magnetic chuck clamps our products on the seven-layer glass through magnetic force, and the electric permanent magnetic chuck cuts at one time. ,Perfect! This year, Shanghai Shimai became associated with Shenzhen Foxconn at the exhibition and signed a contract with 8 sets of electric permanent magnetic suction cup equipment. The electrical permanent magnet chuck manufacturer, which is the supplier of Shanghai Shimai, expressed his gratitude for his achievements.

The electro-permanent magnetic chuck has an all-metal seal design, which is often used in high-precision grinding, cutting and other precision processing. This series of electro-permanent magnetic chuck is only used when the workpiece is fixed, and the workpiece is instantly energized, which can firmly hold the workpiece. No power supply is required, and the power will be cut off instantly after the processing work is completed;

When the power is off, the workpiece can be unloaded. Since the electric permanent magnet chuck does not need power during the machining process, naturally the electric permanent magnet chuck does not heat up, and the machining accuracy will not change, even if the power is suddenly cut off during the processing. Under the circumstances, the electromagnetic will not lose magnetism immediately, and the workpiece will not move, so the electric permanent magnet chuck has the convenience of "electromagnetic chuck" and the safety accuracy of "permanent magnetic chuck". It is an indispensable equipment in the high-precision plane processing industry! Which electric permanent magnet sucker is better, I recommend Huai Gong!

Working principle diagram of electric permanent magnet chuck:
Electric permanent magnet chuck, some people call it electric permanent magnet fixture, some people call electric control permanent magnet chuck, in fact, the principle of electric permanent magnet chuck is a new type of magnetic chuck device that realizes the "opening and closing" of the magnetic circuit by electric pulse.
High-definition picture [Magnetic state of permanent magnet chuck: magnetic lines of force form a magnetic circuit in the electromagnet and electro-magnetic disk to clamp the workpiece]

HD picture [Demagnetization state of permanent magnet chuck: magnetic lines of force form a magnetic circuit inside the electromagnet and electrodisk to release the workpiece]
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