Aluminum water iron suction machine for renewable resources of Hubei Aluminum

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  As the application fields of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials continue to expand, they begin to extend to various fields of industry. At the same time, the secondary aluminum smelting technology, including the alumina processing machine, has become more mature and has been widely used in the processing of aluminum products. Among them, the so-called smelting is actually to put a certain proportion of metal charge in the furnace, and then process it by heating, and then get the melt.
   Then, these melts are adjusted to obtain an alloy liquid that meets the standard. As far as aluminum materials are concerned, due to their characteristics, aluminum alloys are prone to oxidizing inclusions in the atmospheric environment.
   Therefore, the problem that needs to be paid attention to during the entire aluminum alloy smelting process is how to prevent and remove the oxidation inclusions on the surface of these aluminum alloys.
   In addition, in order to obtain high-quality aluminum alloy liquid throughout the smelting process, strict control is required from all aspects.
  The entire smelting process includes furnace loading, melting, slagging, stirring, sampling, composition adjustment, melt conversion and refining.
   Among them, as far as the furnace is concerned, attention should be paid to the correct method of furnace installation. Only in this way can the burning of metal be reduced and the smelting time can be reduced.
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